213B-80 Station Street
Duncan BC V9L 1M4
Monday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm

Come to us for:

• FREE one-to-one lessons with a volunteer tutor
• Fee-for-service tutoring and assessments for WorkBC clients, WorkSafeBC clients and local First Nations, businesses.
• Training for local employers on workplace essential skills

Programs Available

Community Adult Literacy “Pathways to Learning”

Free one-to-one tutoring for adults who want to increase their literacy skills in:
• Reading
• Writing
• Spelling
• Math
• Filling out forms for courts or government
• Improving English speaking, reading, listening, writing and pronunciation
• Learning how to budget and handle money
• Learning how to use a computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, smart phone
• Learning how to search the Internet, email, Skype or FaceTime, Facebook

Literacy Initiative For Trades LIFT

Free one-to-one tutoring for adults planning a career in trades or technology
• Prepare for pre-entrance trades tests in English and Math
• Prepare for Language proficiency testing
• Overcome learning challenges
• Prepare for program entry or exam writing in trades and apprenticeship or technology career programs
• Help with test anxiety and test preparation

Workplace Essential Skills

A fee for service program in partnership with Global Vocational Services/Work BC to provide the skills necessary to get a job. This is accessed through the case managers at Global Vocational Services. This program includes:
• Mastering basic MS Word skills to edit resume
• Basic file management
• Using and managing email
• Searching online

On-the-Job Training for local business

A fee for service program to provide training to employees. The focus is on improving the performance of employees with support in workplace essential skills (reading, writing, math, document use, oral communication, working with others, thinking and digital technology).
• Assistance applying for the Canada BC Job grant application
• Needs assessment for organization
• Assessment of employees
• Work flow analysis
• Training on site in several configurations: small groups, one-to-one or classroom

Document Literacy Program

Free one-to-one assistance with filling out forms like citizenship applications or permanent residence card, social assistance or disability applications, passports or documents for court. We can help with any kind of form that needs to be filled out either in print or online. We have a legal specialist who can work specifically with documents for Family and Supreme Court. (Note: we do not give out legal advice nor are we specialists in immigration)

English Language Program

One-to-one tutoring for learners who want to improve their skills in speaking, reading, listening, writing and pronunciation in English. This is for immigrants who have been in the country for years or months. We often refer to the Cowichan Intercultural Society when more help is needed.

Financial Literacy Program

Free one-to-one tutoring for learners wanting to learn how to budget and handle their money.
Digital Literacy Program – 6 free lessons to learn the basics of how to use a computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone or smart phone. (After 6 lessons a small fee is charged per lesson)
• Learn how to search the Internet, use email, Facebook basics, Skype or FaceTime
• Learn the basics of the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Learn how to type using our in-house typing program

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Isabelle Vilm, Volunteer Coordinator

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