Employers have to be confident that their employees have the skills needed at the workplace and that they are comfortable and safe in their job.

Literacy Now Cowichan, with a certified Essential Skills practitioner, offers to reinforce your Essential Skills or those of your employees. The government offers a Canada Job Grant to employers who apply for it.

Literacy Now Cowichan offers:

1. Our services to help you write the application for the Canada Job Grant.
2. A good analysis of your needs
3. An accurate assessment of the current Essential Skills levels of your workers
4. A development and delivery of a customized Essential Skills training for each worker


The benefits Workplaces with the right mix of Essential Skills report:
• Increased efficiency and productivity
• Enhanced communication and teamwork
• Reduced error rates
• Improved health and safety records
• Higher worker satisfaction and retention levels
• Better internal promotion options

• Increased worker motivation and engagement
• Healthier growth potential
• Faster reaction times when managing change
• A more skilled and adaptable Workforce

Employability Skills (Sustainable Essential Skills _Instructor Guide. Build Force Canada, SkillPlan, 2014)
There are 9 essential skills:
1. Reading Text
2. Document Use
3. Writing
4. Numeracy
5. Oral Communication
6. Working With Others 7. Continuous Learning
8. Computer Use
9. Thinking Skills ◦ Problem Solving ◦ Decision Making ◦ Critical Thinking ◦ Job Task Planning & Organizing ◦ Significant Use of Memory ◦ Finding Information

Essential Skills:
Were identified through a federal government survey of  3000 Canadians in workplaces in all sectors and of all types and sizes of organizations.
Allow you to perform your tasks and activities every day,
The foundation that allows you to learn other skills,
Enhance your ability to adapt in case of a change.

Go to the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills  for more information.

This video gives a good summary of what these 9 Essential Skills are, the consequences of a low Essential Skills level and the benefits of improving them for employers or employees