Employers have to be confident that their employees have the skills needed at the workplace and that they are comfortable and safe in their job.

Literacy Now Cowichan, with a certified Essential Skills practitioner, offers to reinforce your Essential Skills or those of your employees. The government offers a Canada Job Grant to employers who apply for it.

Literacy Now Cowichan offers:

1. Assistance to write the application for the Canada Job Grant
2. A good analysis of your needs
3. An accurate assessment of the current Essential Skills levels of your workers
4. A development and delivery of a customized Essential Skills training for each worker


The benefits of Essential Skills:
• Increased efficiency and productivity
• Enhanced communication and teamwork
• Reduced error rates
• Improved health and safety records
• Higher worker satisfaction and retention levels
• Better internal promotion options

• Increased worker motivation and engagement
• Healthier growth potential
• Faster reaction times when managing change
• A more skilled and adaptable Workforce

Employability Skills – there are 9 essential skills:

1. Reading Text
2. Document Use
3. Writing
4. Numeracy
5. Oral Communication
6. Working With Others
7. Continuous Learning
8. Computer Use
9. Thinking Skills (Problem Solving ◦ Decision Making ◦ Critical Thinking ◦ Job Task Planning & Organizing ◦ Significant Use of Memory ◦ Finding Information)
(Sustainable Essential Skills _Instructor Guide. Build Force Canada, SkillPlan, 2014)

Essential Skills:

  • were identified through a federal survey of 3000 Canadians in various workplaces
  • allow you to perform your tasks and activities every day
  • are the foundation allowing you to learn and build other skills
  • enhance your ability to adapt to change

Go to the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills  for more information.

This video gives a good summary of what these 9 Essential Skills are, the consequences of a low Essential Skills level and the benefits of improving them for employers or employees.